The Theft Of Solid
Rock Church


William Neal Matthews

Welcome to the James417 Association website. This site documents the theft of Solid Rock Church in Elk River MN by its Senior Pastor William Neal Matthews. It explains how he stole Solid Rock Church. This documentation is on the legacy portion of the website. Click the Legacy Portal link above or at the bottom of the page to enter the church theft documentation side of this website. The theft documentation side of this website was not designed for small devices like smartphones. The web pages are also somewhat dated. However, all documentation of the church theft is still available.

My name is Rev Edward G. Palmer and I designed this website. I spent four years in Matthews' Elk River MN Cult observing for God the evil that was taking place. I then spent five years with God's Spirit writing the Book of Edward. God gave me the task of explaining who Jesus was rejecting in Matthew 7:21-23.

The Book of Edward has the answers from God's Word and it is free to read online. Click on a book image below to read any Volume using any responsive web browser.  Each Book Volume presents a slider view of all the pages within the Volume selected. There is a navigating filmstrip below each page being viewed.  May God bless you on your search for HIS truth.  Rev. Edward G. Palmer (aka Apostle Edward)

Below Is God's Response To Church Theft

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