Eye Witness Affidavits
To Theft of Solid Rock Church

Affidavit of Dean Mattila

Affidavit of Jacqueline Mattila

Affidavit of Steve Nyquist

Affidavit of Greg Lindgren

Affidavit of Karen Vickroy

Affidavit of Char Moshier

Affidavit of Marty Moshier

Affidavit of Sharon Schuldt

Affidavit of Janeth Harpster

Affidavit of Ernest Harpster

It's always easy to dismiss one person as someone untrustworthy. Even while ignoring written documentation of the theft. Yet there were over 80 attendees to the corporate meetings and the simple resolutions presented by Dr. Bill Matthews (William Neal Matthews) etal. It is his signature that is on false documents filed with the State of Minnesota. He is the one who orchestrated this theft. Ernest Harpster was elected a deacon at the time of the name change meeting and states that Matthews would not allow the deacons to see the complete state document, only the signature page. No one would have believed that after the trauma and devastation of the Hoogenboom sex scandal that the next pastor would be intent on stealing the corporation and its property from the Assembly of God denomination and its membership. However, that is exactly what happened.
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