News Article Image of Dr Ed Dufresne Death in Plane Crash

Commentary: I've attached a couple of articles for this archive below. While it is always sad whenever anyone dies, if you want to pray beyond the family of Ed Dufresne, pray for all of those spiritually abused by his false Bible teachings. The Dr. Ed Dufresne I knew taught false doctrines from the Bible and has been an ardent spiritual and financial supporter of Dr. Bill Matthews. Ed Dufresne was well aware of the theft of Solid Rock Church by Dr. Bill Mathews. I know, because I was the one that fully informed him of how the Church was stolen.

Ed Dufresne also told Andrew Matthews that Lorena was supposed to be his wife at the time that they were married. Only later to then marry Andrew's wife Lorena to Andrew's father, Dr. Bill Matthews. This father paid for his daughter in law to divorce his own son Andrew so that he could marry her. Then he tries to raise his granddaughter Natalia as his very own daughter. These are sick family and spiritual facts that Ed Dufresne was fully aware of and fully supported. He was also aware of God's Holy Word concerning a father sleeping with his daughter-in-law, but Dufresne chose to spit in God's eye by ignoring God's Word on this subject and that occurred before he conducted Bill Matthews' wedding to Lorena. I was the one that delivered a message from God to Dufresne prior to the blasphemous ceremony he performed to satisfy his partner in spiritual and financial abuse, Dr. Bill Matthews.

I won't weep for this man's death, but I do pity his soul. The God that he abused on this earth with his financial treatment of God as a slot machine and the spiritual abuse and warfare he waged on God's people is the ONE that is now in control of his soul. May God have mercy on Dr. Ed Dufresne! From my human perspective, I hope God makes him pay for the lives he negatively impacted including that of Andrew Matthews and his daughter Natalia along with his sisters and their families.

The PDF files I linked below have people praising and criticizing this so-called man of God. Please pray for all of the people that Dufresne has deceived over the years. Pray that God will open their eyes to the truth and also that the cult at Solid Rock Church will dry up and the people there freed at last.

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