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Notice: The James417 email address has intentionally been coded out due to spammers and spam robots that search the Internet for malicious purposes. While this feedback form works, it will not necessarily result in a reply. Public documents at the Minnesota Secretary of State Office and the Tenth District Court prove conclusively that a huge corporate crime [theft] has been committed by William Neal Matthews and others who still remain a secret. Please do not waste time sending hate email or any email from a free anonymous email account. There will be no response to doctrinal debates, hate or uncivil email, or email messages that do not contain a clearly identifiable individual with a responsive email account that is not cloaked in web technology. Edward will attempt to address Scripture issues of a general nature on the web site to the best that his time allows. If you need a direct and immediate reply, include a verifiable name, address, city, state and phone number within your message. Also, authorize mail from within your email filter if you use one. This is your chance to come clean with God by telling the truth and letting others know what you know. If you do not stand with God for the truth, your soul is not saved! You can use this form to tell what you know.