Elk River Topix Forum Comments

Solid Rock Church Senior Pastor
William Neal Matthews Jr Charged

From Jan 2011 to Jan 2015

Discussion Of Church Evil In Elk River Minnesota - Archive

Soon after the Solid Rock Church Senior Pastor William Neal Matthews was charged with the financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult crime in Sherburne County Minnesota, the first blog post under the heading ELK RIVER PASTOR CHARGED appeared on the TOPIX FORUM for ELK RIVER MN.

The date of the first forum posting was January 16, 2011. The date of the last forum posting was January 26, 2015. For a period of four years, there were a total of 1,624 forum entries.

Until 2019, the link to the Topix Forum was thought to be in tact. However, the Topix Forum for the comments on this subject are no longer accessible. Because this is a very important part of the evil that took place at Solid Rock Church in Elk River Minnesota, the comments from the Topix Forum and being made available in the form of downloadable PDF files. The links to download these files are listed below. This information is being provided on the James417 site for historical purposes to fully document the evil perpetrated in the City of Elk River Minnesota.

The comments from the Topix Forum were captured at the time of being posted. However, I am not sure all of the comments are available. There also may be some duplication in the files. However, every attempt has been made to provide a complete picture of the Topix Forum Comments so that the historical significance of this Church evil may be preserved for those whose spirits need to know.

image of pastor charged comments on topix forum in 2011

image of topix forum gone in 2019

Outdated original URL for this discussion was

Links To Topix Forum Discussion Files - PDF DOWNLOADS

Topix File 1 - 120 Pages - 9.75 Mb - From 1/16/11 - 2/17/11 (Posts #1 to #322)

Topix File 2 - 143 Pages - 10.17 Mb - From 2/22/11 - 9/15/11 (Posts #322 to #831)

Topix File 3 - 160 Pages - 9.69 Mb - From 9/27/11 - 9/19/12 (Posts #831 to #1345)

Topix File 4 - 87 Pages - 10.46 Mb - From 11/25/12 - 1/26/15 (Posts #1345 to #1624)

Rev Edward G. Palmer's Blog Post of 8/26/11

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