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James 417 Association's site is best viewed with Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later with graphics turned on. If graphics are turned off, a lot of information will not be viewable at this site.

PC Browsers

If you are using Internet Explorer, set the font size to "smallest" for the best view of this site. PCs use 96 pixels per inch. Macs use the graphics & printing industry standard 72 pixels per inch. The font size setting on Microsoft Internet Explorer's VIEW menus allows you to compensate and view this site [and others] as it was designed. The default VIEW size is usually set larger. On the Internet Options panel select the General Tab and click Accessibility. All options should be disabled unless you are visually impaired. If any options are selected, you will not be able to view the pages on this site [and other sites] as they were designed.

Mac Browsers

Microsoft provided the I.E. 5.0 browser with a ZOOM feature and default resolution options. Ensure your Mac is set to use the graphics & printing industry standard 72 pixels per inch in your Preferences (Edit Menu). Also, under Web Content, ensure that you have selected "show style sheets, allow pages to specify colors and allow pages to specify fonts." If these options are not turned on, you will not be able to view many of the pages on this web site. The ZOOM feature on the Mac allows you to compensate for different site designs and visual impairments.

Site Design Issues

This site uses GIF graphic images, dynamic mouse rollover effects, marquees, cascading style sheets and other techniques such as Acrobat PDF files to deliver information to you in a fast, informative and yet interesting way. Pages are designed to upload fast and the site is organized so you can easily find information. Early browsers do not support many of the pages found on this site. You also need to view this site with your graphics turned on or you will miss a lot of information. This site is not designed to be viewed using text only browsers and no browser detection and switching techniques are used to accommodate early or text only browsers. There is only one version of this web site. Statistics from our site indicate that over 98% of our visitors will not experience any significant viewing problems. If you do, please email our webmaster with a description of the problem. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to address common concerns.

Minimum Requirements

The minimum browser versions are Internet Explorer 3.0, AOL 4.0 and Netscape 4.0. Internet Explorer 5.0 or above is highly recommended. Note: Over 22 Million AOL users are using some version of Internet Explorer. Therefore, most sites are designed for best viewing on I.E.

Known Problems

Netscape 3.0 does not support cascading style sheets. These pages will not be viewable using Netscape 3.0. Also, Netscape browser versions 4.0 and 4.5 browsers do not display some of the site's GIF images properly. These versions fail to make a final GIF image pass and some graphics will appear distorted. In addition, Netscape does not support the marquee tags used on certain pages.

Last updated 8/28/2002