Dr. Bill Matthews

"You shall not have intercourse with your daughter-in-law!" Leviticus 18:15

You and Dr. Ed Dufresne have mocked God's Word!

Marriage Facts

Groom Dr. Bill Matthews aka William Neal Matthews
Bride Ana Lorena (Sierra) Matthews
Presiding Officiant Dr. Ed Dufresne
Date and Time of Marriage
January 7, 2010 at 1 pm PST
Location of Marriage
Ed Dufresne's World Harvest Church
23125 Palomar Street
Murrieta, California 92562-9495

Background Facts

  1. Ana Lorena Sierra was married FIRST to Andrew Matthews, who is Dr. Bill Matthews' SON.
  2. Dr. Bill Matthews told Andrew that God wanted Ana Lorena to marry him.
  3. Ana Lorena Sierra became Mrs. Andrew Matthews and bore Andrew a daughter.
  4. Natalia Matthews is Andrew and Ana Lorena's daughter.
  5. Natalia Matthews is Dr. Bill Matthews GRAND DAUGHTER.
  6. Andrew Matthews decided to leave Solid Rock Church and wanted Ana Lorena to leave with him.
  7. Andrew Matthews and Ana Lorena were living in separate bedrooms as a result of church discord.
  8. Dr. Bill Matthews counseled Ana Lorena to separate herself from Andrew Matthews.
  9. Dr. Bill Matthews hired Ana Lorena to live with him and care for his dying wife Mary 24/7.
  10. Dr. Bill Matthews' daughters protested the live in arrangement of Lorena, but to no avail.
  11. Dr. Bill Matthews wife Mary died of cancer in April 2009.
  12. Dr. Bill Matthews daughters believe he immediately started to date Ana Lorena in April 2009.
  13. Dr. Bill Matthews, upon his wife's death, immediately informed his six children of his intent to remarry immediately and not wait any length of time as is customary.
  14. Dr. Bill Matthews youngest three children have vehemently opposed their father marrying Lorena.
  15. Mindy, Emily and Andrew are now estranged from their father's ministry at Solid Rock Church.
  16. The oldest three children either fully or half-heartedly support their father marrying Lorena.
  17. Chelsea, Billy Jr., and Rachel work for and support their father's ministry at Solid Rock Church.
  18. Dr. Bill Matthews counseled three of his children to divorce. This includes Chelsea and Mindy.
  19. In the case of Andrew, Dr. Bill Matthews counseled his daughter-in-law Lorena to divorce his son.
  20. Andrew and Lorena's divorce was finalized in August 2009.
  21. In August 2009, Dr. Bill Matthews daughters confronted him concerning his secret relationship with Lorena.
  22. In September 2009, Dr. Bill Matthews admitted to some close friends he intended to marry Lorena.
  23. In November 2009, SIX months after his wife Mary died, Dr. Bill Matthews announced to his church that he intended to marry Andrew's ex-wife Lorena, the mother of his granddaughter Natalia in early January 2010.
  24. Dr. Bill Matthews' daughter gave him a thesis on why it was biblically wrong for him to marry Lorena.
  25. It is reported that when Lorena told Rachel she didn't even know if she liked her father-in-law, that Rachel told her that would come later after they were married for awhile.
  26. Lorena has been misled to believe God wanted her to marry Dr. Bill Matthews, her father-in-law.
  27. Lorena has been subjected to cult programming and pressure, which has led to this abominable and incestuous marriage to her father-in-law.
  28. This marriage is incestuous and it's an abomination in the eyes of God and I, the Apostle Edward, bear witness to the evil that Dr. Bill Matthews has now perpetuated upon his own children and family.
  29. Woe to everyone who participated in this abominable marriage of Ana Lorena (Sierra) Matthews who was and still remains the daughter-in-law of Dr. Bill Matthews in the eyes of God Almighty.
  30. Woe to everyone in this cult who causes or has caused another to sin. God will have HIS revenge.

It's Time For You To Come Clean

It is time for everyone who has knowledge of the sins of this cult and the cult leader Dr. Bill Matthews to come clean with what they know. It is now 17 years after Solid Rock Church was stolen from its denomination and congregation. Many families have suffered greatly because of the evil of Dr. Bill Matthews. If each and everyone of the stories of the vile actions of this minister of Satan had been told to the public, the false programming of Ana Lorena Matthews to marry Dr. Bill Matthews would not have taken place. Therefore, everyone who knows the evil of Dr. Bill Matthews and refuses to come clean with their knowledge ironically participates in allowing others to be led into sin. Jesus said: "Woe to anyone who causes anyone of these who belong to me to sin!" [Edward's paraphrase].

Get right with God and tell your story publicly. Click the link below and document what you know. Stop allowing Dr. Bill Matthews to deceive people and breakup families. It is evil and you should know better. You should also know how evil and offensive it is in God's Holy eyes for Dr. Bill Matthews to marry his own daughter-in-law after first counseling her to divorce his very own son Andrew. If you still believe that Dr. Bill Matthews is a man of God, how will you explain this evil behavior of his away? What about Dr. Ed Dufresne who sanctioned this incestuous marriage by conducting the marriage ceremony? Do you think he is also a man of God?

Listen, if you are a child of God, leave Solid Rock Church immediately, tell everyone that you know to also leave and why. You need to come clean with the facts that you know. Make your knowledge public. Jesus has said that those who belong to God "will come out into the light for all to see." Shine the light of God's truth on this cult. It is what will close it down and hold Dr. Bill Matthews accountable for his evil. That is what I have done and what God expects you to do if you really are HIS child. The Apostle Edward

Document The Facts You Know NOW!