News Release — February 23, 2010

News Release

Contact: Rev. Edward G. Palmer

Solid Rock Church Pastor Steals Son's Wife
Apostle Ministry Establishes Legal Fund To Help Son

Elk River, Minn.—(ICNEWSWIRE)—February 23, 2010. -- Senior Pastor Dr. Bill Matthews of Solid Rock Church in Elk River is accused by his family of stealing his own son's wife. Dr. Bill Matthews married Lorena Matthews on January 7, 2010. Lorena was formerly married to Andrew Matthews for five years. They have a daughter named Natalia. While Andrew was away on military duty in 2009, Dr. Bill Matthews moved Lorena into his house to care for his dying wife Mary. When his wife Mary died in April 2009, he immediately announced he was getting remarried and confided to one family member that very day he planned to marry Lorena, his son Andrew's wife even though Lorena was still married to Andrew. They divorced in August, four months later.

Dr. Bill Matthews' daughter Mindy writes: "[The] grueling details became abundantly clear. [My dad] had stolen my brother's wife, even hiring and paying for a divorce attorney for her, and now he is trying to steal his daughter! On January 7th, 2010 our dad married Lorena Matthews, in a ceremony performed by his so called 'spiritual father', Ed Dufresne, who saw no issue with the union. I guess he forgot to read Leviticus 18 or 1 Corinthians 5!"

Andrew is without the financial resources to fully defend himself against his own dad who is now attempting to "steal his daughter." As a result, Apostle Ministry has established a legal fund to help Andrew Matthews obtain full custody of his young daughter Natalia. Further information and details are available on the Internet at Contributions to defray Andrew's legal costs can be made at this web site. Rev Edward G. Palmer, President of Apostle Ministry Inc, will administer the legal fund for the benefit of Andrew and Natalia Matthews.

Apostle Ministry is called by God to write about the end time apostasy, events and mythology prophesied in Scripture. The marriage of Dr. Bill Matthews to his own daughter-in-law is a direct repudiation of Scripture and is representative of the apostasy that will occur during the End Times. An End-Times discussion from Rev Palmer can be found at

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Our legal fund is now closed.