The Six Million Dollar Theft

What is the value of Solid Rock Church and its property? If stolen by Mr. Matthews (aka Pastor Bill), what would it all add up to in dollars? The recent sale of one acre of property a few blocks down Highway 169 illustrates its value. See the article linked below. One acre of land was purchased for $350,000. Solid Rock Church owns over 40 acres of land adjoining Highway 10 only a few blocks north of this property. Could it be that Solid Rock Church property is now worth 40 x $350K or $14,000,000 to a land developer? Possibly. Commercial property is very scarce in the City of Elk River and such property is indeed in very high demand. However, one could certainly estimate that it is worth $6 Million!

View The Article: Denny's developer buys city land for $350,000 (June 2, 1999)

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