Why did Senior Pastor Dr. Bill Matthews steal Solid Rock Church? Who else was involved with him in this theft?

Dr. Bill Matthews photo

Dr. Bill Matthews

aka - William Neal Matthews, Jr.

Dr. Bill Matthews (William N. Matthews) is the Senior Pastor of Solid Rock Church in Elk River, Minnesota. He also has a ministry known as Desire The Fire. He travels internationally as a charismatic speaker and has even written the book: "Desire The Fire: The Tangible Anointing."

Get all the facts observed first hand by the author of the report that exposes the real truth about Bill, his teachings & his church. Check out Bill's perverted tithe teachings, his cult characteristics rating, his BIG lie and the local ads he didn't want you to see! See the church that Bill Matthews stole.  Study the Original Articles of Incorporation on file with the Minnesota Secretary of State. Study God's Word and learn The Truth About Tithing.  Follow Bill's paper trail of corporate filings that expose his illegal changes to the Articles of Incorporation.

If President Clinton's lies under oath are offensive to you, check out Bill Matthews'. Senior Pastor Bill Matthews lied to his congregation and lied to his board of trustees and deacons. He has lied under oath a minimum of four times to the State of Minnesota in false corporate filings. Analyze Bill's manipulation of Articles and find out what Minnesota Law has to say about it.  Learn who preaches at Bill's cult and who he associates with. See the main cast of characters. View the cult's welcome sign as you enter Elk River Westbound on Highway 10. You betrayed HIM, Bill! Here is HIS response.  All secrets will be revealed. First one is the Assembly Of God Foreclosure on Solid Rock's Land. View Solid Rock Church web site. YES, there are consequences for liars, Rev 22:15!
Recent News: Public Notice concerning Foreclosure On Solid Rock 4/99  (Official Notice PDF File) Public Notice concerning Late Property Taxes 3/99.  Will the Money Cometh Campaign Flyer. Flip side of Money Cometh campaign flyer shows current speakers.  Did the Money cometh?  Will a Miracle now prevent the Sheriff's auction sale on June 3, 1999? Elk River Star News Ads of 5/26/99 - shows two stories and poses the question What is the real truth? The Bank of Elk River reinstates Solid Rock mortgage after back due mortgage payments are made up. Was this a miracle? What is the current value of the Solid Rock Church property? Could this be a $6 Million dollar theft that few people care about?

Ingolf Schmidt speaks July 9-11, 1999. Yoder/Turner Campaign Flyer and invitation. Cloyde Yoder speaks July 25, 1999. Linda Turner speaks August 7, 1999.

A civil lawsuit was commenced against William N. Matthews and Solid Rock Church, Inc. for alleged swindle and fraud activities. The suit was filed in Minnesota's Tenth District Court and was commenced on July 9, 1999. A long Rap Sheet of Civil and Criminal Court filings provides an undeniable context of the chaos that William Neal Matthews took advantage of in his theft of this church. How William Neal Matthews stole Solid Rock Church. The Court Ruling of May 18, 2000. The Real Facts are both astonishing and incredible. Download the list of 161 facts as an Acrobat PDF File and learn the truth.

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The report that exposes Bill Matthews' fraud:
Godly Wisdom, Spiritual Abuse or Cult?

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