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Help inform others about Dr. Bill Matthews, who is a false brother, and his Solid Rock Church Cult in Elk River MN. He has already ruined countless lives and families. It is our duty to God to expose such evil and apostasy!

Notice & Disclaimer

The entire content of this web site represents the sole opinion of Reverend Edward G. Palmer of Minnesota based upon his membership, attendance and observation of William Neal Matthews' ministry over the course of four plus years. Rev. Palmer's membership at Solid Rock Church includes the period of time, from 1992 through 1996, in which Solid Rock Church was first stolen from the Assembly of God Ministries in Minnesota and then later stolen from its own congregation by conversion of its property and voting rights. Rev. Palmer documents the deceptive cult techniques that were used by William N. Matthews (aka Dr. Bill Matthews) in what, on the surface, first appeared as a charismatic Christian ministry. Rev. Palmer also supplies solid public evidence of the theft and conversion of the Church property to eliminate any doubt about the veracity of the information contained on this site. This site is the truth and the public documents now available to all from the Minnesota Secretary of State and Sherburne County Tenth District Court provide proof beyond doubt of exactly how William Neal Matthews pulled off his theft of Solid Rock Church. There no doubt are accomplices of Dr. Bill Matthews, but to this date they are unknown.

The major areas of this web site are dedicated to the actual theft of the Church that Dr. Bill Matthews pulled off during the period of time of 1992-1995.

Court Witness List

During the Court filings over the theft of Solid Rock Church and the fraud perpetrated by Dr. Bill Matthews, a witness list was assembled for the Court of people who may have knowledge related to the operation of the Elk River Assembly of God Church or Solid Rock Church [after its name change]. These are people who are known to have attended this ministry during the time period of 1990-1999, but it is not all inclusive.

IF your name is included on this list, but you did not attend either the Elk River Assembly of God or Solid Rock Church during this period of time, your name can be removed from this list unless James417 is in possession of information clearly placing you in the church during this time period. IF this is you and you want to get removed from this web site, simply fill out this request form. This witness list is only people who would have information pertaining to the actual church theft. It is not a list of people who may have information about Dr. Bill Matthews' marriage in 2010 to Lorena.

Second Information Content

Information concerning the recent marriage of Dr. Bill Matthews to Ana Lorena Matthews is also contained on this site. It has nothing to do with the witness list, which is part of the Tenth District Court records and is also shown on this site.

Christians beware and don't be deceived anymore.  Click here for God's Message to those who call themselves Christians! Further info is available in the BOOK OF EDWARD. And, you should understand the real Bible Message.

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