The Cast Of Characters

November 1996

All relationships are to William Neal Matthews, Jr.
and his wife Mary Beth Matthews.

Notice: The list below is the cast of characters that either unwillingly or willingly supported William Neal Matthews' during his theft of Solid Rock Church. The cast shown is believed to be what was in effect when the Assembly of God was voted out the second time in late 1996. Therefore, it is a snapshot in time and not meant to reflect current information. Go to Solid Rock's web site if you want to find current information. If you have updated information or are listed below and want your opinion or your own story posted, mail or email it to me and I will add your comments below at the earliest possible moment.

William Neal Matthews, Jr
aka Pastor Bill or Dr. Bill Matthews

Senior Pastor
Ordained by Assembly of God

Mary Beth Matthews
aka Pastor Mary

Co-Senior Pastor
Ordained by Pastor Bill
Update: Deceased 2009

William N. Matthews, Sr
aka Bill Matthews, Sr

William N. Matthews Jr's Father

Betty Matthews

William N. Matthews Jr's Mother

Kyle Smith

Business Manager

Rachel (Matthews) Smith
aka Pastor Rachel

Ordained by Pastor Bill

Billy Matthews (Jr.)
aka Pastor Bill, Jr.

Youth Pastor
Ordained by Pastor Bill

Chelsea (Matthews) Bledsoe/Smith

Principal Of
Solid Rock Academy
Update: Chelsea Remarried.

Chris Bledsoe

Unwilling Participant
Update: Chelsea Divorced Chris
& Chris Escaped Ministry.

Mindy (Matthews) Larson/Olivares

Unwilling Participant
Update: Converted, & Remarried.
Escaped Ministry in 2008

Benjamin V. Larson

Duped Son-In-Law
See Ben & Mindy Larson
Update: Mindy Divorced Ben Larson
& Ben Escaped Ministry.

Emily (Matthews) Maldonado

Youngest Daughter
Update: Escaped Ministry in 2008

Andy Matthews

Youngest Son
Update: Escaped Ministry in 2008

Ken Wagner

Children's Pastor
Ordained by Pastor Bill
Update: Escaped Ministry in 2001.
Danielle B. Wagner's Comments

Mark Smith

Minister of Helps
Ordained by Pastor Bill

Jim Bunich

Head Of Security
Update: Escaped Ministry

Wes King

Head Usher
Update: Escaped Ministry

Joe Duevel


Earl Williams


November 1996 Ministry Staff

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